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High-end plate heat exchanger supporting has become a trend

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High-end plate heat exchanger supporting has become a trend
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Nowadays, China's High-end plate heat exchanger has been widely studied and applied in various fields in China, which can be used to carry out cooling, condensation, heating, disinfection, evaporation, waste heat recovery and various other different working conditions. 

It has the advantages of light weight, small footprint, high heat transfer coefficient, large logarithmic mean temperature difference, low cost, low fouling coefficient, etc., which makes it continuously replace shell and tube heat exchanger in various fields and get more and more widely used. In the future, the high-end plate heat exchanger supporting the development of market demand will be a steady growth trend.

High-end plate heat exchanger

But China's heat exchanger industry in technology and the international advanced level still has a certain gap, mainly in the majority of heat exchanger manufacturers of equipment automation and digital degree is low, product accuracy and stability is poor. Now the industry competition is fierce, in the case of low-end products slightly overcapacity, low-end production capacity will gradually be eliminated from the market. Research belongs to China's high-end new, energy efficient, more green ecological and environmental protection of high-end plate heat exchanger supporting the inevitable trend of the heat exchanger industry.
        Future trends in the development of the plate heat exchanger industry can be divided into: first, high-efficiency high-end plate heat exchanger supporting will become the focus of China's market economic demand; second, large-scale equipment will become the main development direction of technology; third, heat transfer and flow resistance will remain the focus of our research work.

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