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A special plate heat exchanger for heat transfer in the health field meets your extreme imagination in this factory

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A special plate heat exchanger for heat transfer in the health field meets your extreme imagination in this factory
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Generally speaking, in the field of sanitation and cleaning heat transfer conditions, a highly hygienic production line and a dust-free workshop are required to carry out production, because it needs to ensure a high degree of cleanliness.Therefore, the excessive attention and pursuit of production in every detail are far from enough.On this vital production line, the requirements for plate-type heat exchangers for health care are even higher.

Food, medical articles, beverage filling and so on all do not need a highly hygienic and clean production line, but all involving the heat exchange equipment of hot and cold medium, plate heat exchanger is always the first choice that people think of.Because it is compact, small floor space, high heat exchange efficiency, stable performance.However, in the market, there are few heat exchange equipment factories satisfying the health field.

sanitary plate heat exchanger

As a professional manufacturer of sanitary plate-type heat exchanger, we feels that no matter how strict the requirements on product details are not too much.To borrow an old cliche, quality is the lifeline.We for more than a decade to adhere to, is this lifeline.The high quality heat exchanger equipment, which is processed and put into the market, has the characteristics of multi-stage, multi-flow flexible design and easy operation and maintenance, which are all popular with consumers.

No matter dairy products sterilization, yogurt cooling, or pasteurization, fresh milk cooling, or juice, drinks, soups, sauces heating or cooling, in our production of each health field dedicated plate heat exchanger are able to operate with ease.Even the notoriously stringent hygiene requirements are fine, as the equipment is made of imported brand food-grade, hygienic materials from inside to outside.

Communication may not be the hardest part, but building it is.You may be just a phone call away, a WeChat message away from the highly hygienic plate-type heat exchanger produced by Qingdao Ruipute factory.The production of hygienic equipment is never easy, and we hope that Qingdao Rupert's adherence to quality will eventually become the most convincing reason for you to choose.

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