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How to replace the rubber seal of the heat exchanger by a regular plate heat exchanger manufacturer

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How to replace the rubber seal of the heat exchanger by a regular plate heat exchanger manufacturer
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Plate heat exchanger's compact structure, small gap, thus increasing the heat transfer area per unit volume, the installation area of about shell and tube 1/2 ~ 1/3, can save land area and construction costs, each shell volume of 1m3, the heat transfer area of about 80m2, plate heat exchanger is the process of industrial equipment in the heat exchange technology in an important component. The elastic gasket sealing between each plate heat sink is a wearable part, and is also an easy part to age under natural conditions. Its service life has an important impact on the service life of the plate heat exchanger. If these seals heat hardening, the loss of the original elasticity, can lead to the heat exchanger can not work normally. Qingdao Ruipute plate heat exchanger manufacturers on the plate heat exchanger rubber seal replacement of the general process is.

plate heat exchanger gasket manufacturer

1. Check the wall thickness of the heat exchanger and piping in case of suspected corrosion.

2. Remove the aging seals, according to different dirt, using acid-alkali cleaning pool for chemical cleaning, the surface of the parts to be cleaned will not be corroded by chemical media (such as gasoline).

3. The heat exchanger plate coated with fluorescent testing agent, in the ultraviolet light under the examination of whether there are small cracks and corrosion holes, and re-cleaned. In addition, we should also focus on the condition of the seal slot, if necessary, repair.

4. The bonding position and bonding quality of each plate heat sink inspection, according to the installation order for classification, and then the plate heat sink group for careful assembly.

5. In the chemical cleaning, with high-pressure blowing device to thoroughly remove the residue in the plate heat exchanger and other surface of the chemical medium.

6. For adhesive gaskets, the residue is removed and the adhesive is re-bonded with a reconciling adhesive. The reassembled heat exchanger fins are clamped in a special clamp to cure the adhesive; the heat is kept warm in the heat preservation furnace to achieve the best bonding effect. For non-adhesive gaskets, the gaskets are fixed in the heat exchanger using different devices.

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