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Comprehensive analysis of advantages and disadvantages of oil cooler

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Comprehensive analysis of advantages and disadvantages of oil cooler
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Lubricating oil cooler is widely used in industrial production and ocean transportation, and also in daily life. Therefore, what are the advantages and disadvantages in its application? Let's make both clear in one article.

Its advantages in the application process can be said to be more, mainly because it uses the pipe formed by thin plate for medium heat exchange, the heat exchange efficiency is more than three times higher than the traditional heat exchange equipment, and the space occupied is only one third of the pipe. The mobile type features that it can be opened for cleaning when it is blocked, has long service life, and is economical for long-term use.

Lubricating oil cooler

Its shortcomings are mainly manifested in three aspects: first, the pressure is not high. The pressure that lubricating oil cooler can bear is not big, but it can still bear in most cases. Second, the temperature resistance is not high. The heat resistance of no more than 200 degrees also limits it. The third is corrosivity, because although there are special material strips between the sheets, they are replaced by sealant strips. Once there are strong corrosivity and high temperature conditions, defects will also appear.

In any case, what we can see is that the wide application of lubricating oil cooler is closely related to its many advantages, because the temperature, pressure and corrosivity of most heat exchange conditions are not extreme, which makes its disadvantages not be disadvantages, which can be called limitations. In spite of these problems, our heat exchange equipment has stable performance and high heat exchange efficiency. Please contact us if you need. At present, we can provide free design and selection service, and carry out scientific design according to your working conditions, so that you can contact us quickly and carefree.

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