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REAPTER Food Plate Heat Exchanger

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REAPTER Food Plate Heat Exchanger
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With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for food is strong, and the food industry is developing rapidly. Food machinery and equipment are also developing in the direction of large-scale, continuous and automated. As the most basic operation in food processing-heating, sterilization and cooling, plate heat exchangers for food have been used more and more.

Plate heat exchangers for food

At present, plate heat exchangers for food are mainly used in the following industries: 1. Beverage production: heating/cooling of fruit juice, raw fruit juice, fruit syrup, extraction water, concentrated/diluted fruit juice, syrup, etc. As well as milk pasteurization; 2. Production of edible oil: heating/cooling of edible oil and cooling of fatty acids; 3. Production of tablet wine; 4. Sugar making: heating raw fruit juice, fruit juice water, extracted water, carbonated fruit juice, concentrated fruit juice, syrup, diluted fruit juice and Concentrated fruit juice.

In the whole process, the R&D, experimentation, design and production of plate heat exchangers for food are implemented in accordance with the specifications and requirements, because we attach great importance to customer hygiene requirements. Food safety cannot be ignored, and we are also actively responding to national policies in this regard. The main international business of Qingdao RPT Heat Exchanger Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is mainly to export and OEM processing plate heat exchangers, plates and rubber strips for high-end customers in the United States and Europe. The domestic business is mainly to replace imported plate heat exchangers for high-end customers. Heaters and accessories. The company's quality level and technical service level have been widely praised by customers at home and abroad.

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