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Water source conditions of plate heat exchanger

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Water source conditions of plate heat exchanger
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When it comes to plate heat exchanger, I believe many people are familiar with it, and many friends have a certain understanding of it. It is widely used in northern families. In fact, in the process the Water source conditions of plate heat exchanger is very high. Let's take a specific look.

conditions of plate heat exchanger

1. Hazards of dissolved oxygen gas. There are many reasons for corrosion of plate heat exchanger, but oxygen is the most serious and fast corrosion. When the corrosion concentrates on some parts of the metal surface, it becomes localized corrosion. Pitting corrosion is a common local corrosion in plate heat exchanger;

2. Impurities dissolved in water in ionic or molecular state are harmful. There are many calcium salts in water, which are the main component of fouling in plate heat exchanger. This kind of salt is a kind of hard, fine crystalline scale with loose structure and low adhesion. It is a kind of relatively soft sludge separated from water and has fluidity;

3. The impurities in colloidal state are harmful to plate heat exchanger. The existing state of colloid is mainly iron compound, microorganism, mud scale, sticky scale and so on. The water quality requirement of plate heat exchanger fluid is very important. In the operation and management, we should pay more attention to it and equip some necessary anti scaling and anti-corrosion equipment to extend the service life of the equipment.

If the water source conditions of plate heat exchanger is not well used, it will cause equipment scaling. If it is serious, it will block the equipment and make the equipment unable to work normally. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the detection of water quality to prevent damage to the equipment.

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