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Application of GEA free flow plate heat exchanger in glucose processing

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Application of GEA free flow plate heat exchanger in glucose processing
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Glucose is a commonly used medical agent, and it is also an industrial raw material for fine chemicals, food industry, fermentation industry, etc. Glucose needs to be cooled during processing, which requires the use of GEA free-flow plate heat exchangers.

GEA free flow plate heat exchanger

The viscosity of glucose is large, and the fluidity of the medium is relatively slow. It is also the GEA version. Herringbone corrugations and free-flow corrugations will have different heat exchange effects. If the heat exchange is the herringbone corrugated heat exchange If the heat exchange flow is relatively small, the heat exchange will cause blockage at the corner holes, which will affect the heat exchange efficiency. However, the GEA free-flow plate heat exchanger design can completely solve the heat transfer problems caused by the physical properties of glucose. It can meet the needs of a variety of special media and working conditions, even the exchange of fibers and solid media. Heat can also be controlled, and its corrugation depth can be combined in many forms, and it is a heat exchanger that can meet the needs of various working conditions. 

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