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Plate heat exchanger cleaning and maintenance process introduction

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Plate heat exchanger cleaning and maintenance process introduction
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Now the use of plate heat exchanger more and more widely, but plate heat exchanger in use can not avoid some of the cleaning and maintenance work, the following editor to introduce you to the cleaning and maintenance of plate heat exchanger process.

imported plate heat exchanger1.Under normal circumstances may be disintegrated cleaning, water, and media flow in the opposite direction to wash out the debris, but the pressure shall not be higher than Working pressure, but also available on the stainless steel non-corrosive chemical cleaning agent.

    2. If used for a long time, the plate will have some sediment scaling and affect the effect of heat transfer, so it must be regularly disassembled and cleaned. Dismantle the heat exchanger disassembled, with a brown brush to brush the plate surface dirt, or non-corrosive chemical cleaning agent can be used to brush. Pay attention not to use metal brushes, so as not to damage the plate affect the corrosion resistance.

    3. Disassembly method.

    A. Ordinary heat exchanger: loosen the compression bolt, in order to disintegrate the cleaning, in strict accordance with the order of the process with the process bolt assembly and pressing down The size of the bolts should be equal to the folded size before disassembly.

    B. suspended heat exchanger: after loosening the bolt, will be active compression plate to the bracket end of the move. Then each plate will be removed separately scrubbed after the original as it was installed back to press to no leakage.

    4 heat exchanger after a certain period of time, if there is a piling leakage, can be evenly compressed again to the bolt does not leak, but if the compression to less than the size of A The gaskets must be replaced when the gasket is worn out (minimum compression size as specified by the manufacturer) or when the gasket is old.

    5. How to replace the gasket: In the case of a hanging gasket, simply pull off the old gasket and hang a new one. If the gasket is sticky, pull off the old gasket, soak the remaining glue in the sealing tank with gasoline, clean it, dry it, and put it back on the tank and the gasket. Apply a thin layer of glue or other special glue on the back of the gasket, insert the gasket into the slot and press evenly around it for 1 hour. The rear can be assembled and used.

The above is the editor for you to introduce the plate heat exchanger cleaning and maintenance process, I hope it can help you, if you have other aspects want to understand, you can consult us.

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