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“One Belt And One Road“ plate heat exchanger for full-line power plant, “Made in China“

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In recent years, CRRC group has invested the most in heat exchangers for power plants. As "area" of the practitioners in China, the car group in the process of continuously driving along the country's transportation development, of course, if a local economy developed with traffic developed also has the very big relations, gradually in the car group to improve the orbit transportation of countries along the industrial chain, the multimodal cooperation including the construction of the power plant to use.

plate heat exchanger

CRRC's first rail transit equipment manufacturing plant was put into operation in 2016. The demand for railway motors and electricity has also become an indispensable link in the production line. The amount of heat exchangers, plates and rubber strips purchased from GEA group (technical equipment Company) is also increasing. In order for "Made in China" to be carried through, CRRC's ministry of Commerce for foreign Investment hopes to choose its own plate heat exchanger manufacturer.

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