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How to choose the right plate heat exchanger

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How to choose the right plate heat exchanger
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Choosing an applicable plate heat exchanger requires a full understanding of your own operating conditions, to understand and select the applicable design selection, and also to select a regular and professional manufacturing plant, which will be able to select the applicable equipment through the combination of these points.


It is very important to understand your own working conditions. Because they are very familiar with their own use of working conditions, but we as a factory in the actual process of contact with the customer found that Some purchases really do not understand the use of their own plant conditions, so that the problem of communication difficulties arise. It is necessary to know the technical colleagues to provide about the specific use of working conditions, to provide more detailed information, choose the applicable plate heat exchanger The extent of the problem will be higher.

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Secondly, it is necessary to understand the general design and selection. The design selection is based on the actual parameters such as temperature, pressure, and heat transfer of the primary and secondary sides of the heat exchanger, and the software as well as the actual design of the heat exchanger. The analysis of the design is done to arrive at a design that fits the applicable scenario. Once the selection is made, the selection of the heat exchanger plate type, including corrugation angle, number, and plate material, is also involved, as well as the The choice of sealant strips also involves the choice of heat transfer area, so accurate design selection can help you choose the right plate heat exchanger. .


Understanding the use of conditions, understand the design selection, then also more important is to choose a regular professional manufacturing plant. Check to see if the factory is a factory with actual production capacity, some factories just have an assembly plant. Does not have a number of links from design to production to testing. It is possible to produce a plate heat exchanger is not applicable, which requires careful and careful examination of the control.


Precision CNC production equipment, large presses and vulcanizing machine, are a heat exchanger factory standard equipment.


According to the above points will be able to initially select the applicable plate heat exchanger, so you will improve the efficiency of industrial production, why not?

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