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Why do people prefer the products of Alfa Laval and GEA for heat exchange with small temperature difference?

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Why do people prefer the products of Alfa Laval and GEA for heat exchange with small temperature difference?
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Alfa Laval, GEA and other heat exchanger products, durable and efficient, but are imported products, high cost.So some buyers will settle for alternatives, but in one case, they would rather pay more for the original. What's going on? We do we talk about when we're talking about small temperature difference heat exchanger?

If we simply divide the heat exchange pattern into two types, one with a large temperature difference and the other with a small temperature difference, then the situation in which the buyer is unwilling to risk buying an alternative is the latter.

Because of the large temperature difference of dozens of degrees heat exchange, more test is the product.Multistage heat exchangers are designed for this condition:

When large temperature difference is needed for heat exchange, no matter what brand of heat exchanger you use, how efficient is the heat exchange? As long as the heat exchange area is increased, more steps are taken, and the temperature is high, it will come down.

small temperature difference heat exchanger

However, if the cooling requirement of the working condition is between 0.5-1, it is not a problem that can be solved by simple small plate and single-flow heat exchanger, which is more a test of the production process of the factory and the standard of the engineer.Buyers have a clear mind, not easy to try some unreliable heat exchanger.

With a team of 17 engineers at Ruipute, this process can be achieved with precision and efficiency.

Do not underestimate the efficiency, because the heat exchanger must be in the whole system, not a single individual, accurate heat transfer only in the efficient time limit, can get twice the result with half the effort, so that the whole system flow, smooth operation.

Since it comes to precision and efficiency, in fact, do not open board version design.I plant engineer, with many years of experience, with the original plant selection software as an assistant, hundreds of types of plate, you can work for your conditions, the most suitable plate material, Angle, model, ripple, etc., to achieve the same effect as GEA original plant.

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