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How to choose the right plate and shell heat exchanger for your application?

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How to choose the right plate and shell heat exchanger for your application?
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Plate and shell heat exchangers come in a variety of forms, from removable to fully welded, and which one to use for your application will depend on the situation, so you must be clear about every detail of your application.


Your application may be in the refrigeration industry, and you want to use the plate and shell heat exchanger as an evaporator, or as an oil cooler, which is fine, because it requires very little refrigerant such as ammonia and carbon dioxide to achieve the effect.


Your working condition may be petrochemical natural gas, for example, you want to use it for LNG, because of the low temperature of natural gas, our plate and shell heat exchanger can withstand -80?, which is enough to meet the working condition, the use of some special materials can enhance the corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance characteristics make it strong resistance to thermal shock, the safety performance is quite high.

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Your working condition may be pharmaceutical and food processing class, it is more necessary to use this equipment, just imagine, if your working condition are mostly large granular and fiber stuff how to increase the throughput, or you have to choose our products and equipment, because from the design can enhance the heat transfer efficiency.


Your working condition may also be to the machinery to do supporting, that's even more no problem, it has the flexibility to take over, a rich combination of process determines it can be used for a variety of gas-liquid heating, condensation, evaporation and recovery, the real sense of what you have what working condition I have what model.


So, the plate and shell heat exchanger suitable for your own conditions should be chosen according to the point you need to make, many plants such as we can Free design selection, which ensures, at the source, the right choice of equipment. Time is precious and we can save you the trouble. You should know how to choose this time.

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