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Application of plate heat exchanger unit system

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Application of plate heat exchanger unit system
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Recently, Ruipute Qingdao has delivered a plate heat exchanger unitto a customer, mainly for use in cell heat transfer stations. In recent years, centralized heating has been sufficiently developed, and the heat exchange unit, as a key point connecting the heat network system and the user system, has become the most important part of the whole heat exchange system in series.

plate heat exchanger unit system

    The main heat sources in the heat exchange unit system are cogeneration or boiler room, primary pipe network, secondary pipe network, heat exchange station, control center and heat user. Hot users mainly include, industrial enterprises, villas, office buildings, and apartment homes. The heating network is first drawn from the heat source to the heat exchange station, which is characterized by high temperature and small pipe diameter. called the primary pipe network. The pipes from the heat exchange station to the user, with low temperatures and large pipe diameters, become a secondary pipe network.

    Plate heat exchanger unit is mainly composed of water pump, shut-off valve, soft connection, instrumentation, electric control, plate heat exchanger as the core. The principle of heat transfer is that the secondary side of low temperature return water after decontamination, through the circulation pump, into the heat exchanger, absorb the heat of the heat medium, the water supply reaches the set temperature, flow to the heating pipe network for heat transfer. The primary side heat medium enters the heat exchanger, and after heat exchange with the secondary side medium, the return pipe returns to the heat source, and after heating, then participate in heat exchange, and so on and so forth.

plate heat exchanger unit

    The role of the plate heat exchanger in the whole unit is to transfer heat energy from the heat network system to the user system, play a series connection and conversion role, so as to meet the user's heating and domestic water needs.

The operation of the control center controls the interaction between the valves and the heat exchanger, thus improving the heat transfer efficiency. The operational stability of the entire plate heat exchanger unit will also be greatly improved.

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