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There are frequent marine accidents this year. How dangerous is it to have problems with the ship’s plate heat exchanger?

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There are frequent marine accidents this year. How dangerous is it to have problems with the ship’s plate heat exchanger?
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The sea with changeable weather will be conquered by it if you can’t conquer it. The most important thing when a ship travels on the sea is the power system. In the power system, diesel engine, central cooler, jacket water cooler, piston cooler, lubricating oil cooler 
Plate heat exchangers are used in processes such as preheaters, seawater desalination systems, steam condensers, etc., so from a certain aspect, plate heat exchangers are all that a ship normally travels.

There were two marine accidents in May 2020 alone. 

Containers falling into the sea, different degrees of damage...not only the loss of goods, but even more serious points, people may not survive. 

ship plate heat exchanger

The deepest reason is that when the ship encounters severe weather at sea, the propulsion system of the cargo ship has problems, which causes the cargo ship to temporarily lose power. Within minutes of losing power, the stacked containers collapsed and some containers fell directly into the sea. 
, Lost hundreds of containers, the value of the loss is unknown.

Due to the particularity of the ship’s working environment, the heat exchange equipment must have the advantages of seawater corrosion resistance, high heat transfer efficiency, and not easy to scale; the working range of the ship is limited, so compared with the shell-and-tube heat exchanger, the footprint is reduced 
4/5 and low cost, it can be said to be cost-effective. 
In addition to the price, the herringbone corrugated and countercurrent of the plate heat exchanger can improve the heat exchange effect of the entire system.

The main task of the cooling water control system is to automatically control the execution unit as the heat load changes to ensure the stability of the cooling water temperature. The plate central cooler is responsible for controlling the temperature of the ship's high temperature and low temperature water and main lubricating oil. This requires plate cooling. 
The temperature control device must be sensitive and effective. 
Qingdao RPT has focused on the production and R&D of plate heat exchangers for 13 years. Located in the port city of Qingdao, RPT has practical solutions for plate heat exchangers in the shipbuilding industry. The team of engineers with 20 years of industry experience is in beverages and HVAC. 
Thousands of companies in the air-conditioning, chemical industry, pharmaceutical and other industries have reduced costs by hundreds of millions and operated normally for ten years.

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