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Which is the best plate heat exchanger for heating? Qingdao Ruipute Plate Heat Exchanger

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Which is the best plate heat exchanger for heating? Qingdao Ruipute Plate Heat Exchanger
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Winter is two completely different worlds for northerners, outdoors and indoors, and why is that? Because of the difference between heating and not heating. Why can malls, neighborhoods, office buildings be so warm? It's all thanks to the plate heat exchanger for heating.

The plate heat exchanger has an irreplaceable role in the heating industry because of its structural and design advantages, and today we'll find out why the plate heat exchanger is so powerful in the heating industry.

First of all, the plate heat exchanger heat transfer efficiency is high. The design temperature of the general municipal heat source is more than 100 degrees, but the actual operating temperature is about 90 degrees, to use this 90 degrees of water, the water temperature of the secondary network to maintain the 60 degrees, it is necessary to use high heat transfer efficiency of the equipment to meet the conditions. The plate heat exchanger uses zigzag corrugations to form a flow path that enables the fluid to maintain high turbulence even at low flow rates, preventing the formation of fouling and producing high heat transfer efficiency.

Secondly, the plate heat exchanger has a compact structure and a small footprint. A large heat transfer station, usually equipped with a lot of pipeline valves, pumps, controllers and other equipment, in order to save space and operating costs, plate heat exchanger has its unique advantages of a small footprint.

Third, plate heat exchanger disassembly and installation convenience. Removable plate heat exchanger, is detachable. This feature is what gives the heat exchanger the ability to be flexible. When the heat transfer area is not enough, disassemble and add pieces; when it feels the need for maintenance, disassemble and clean; when it feels the need to change the process combination, disassemble and reassemble. These features are difficult to do with other heat exchangers.

Qingdao Ruipute, with more than ten years of manufacturing experience, has dedicated thousands of units for the heating industry, stable operation, quality assurance, preferred Qingdao Ruipute plate heat exchanger for heating. Contact us now and will customize the plate heat exchanger for you free of charge!

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