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Vegetable oil plate and shell heat exchanger, food grade heat transfer equipment design and manufacture

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Vegetable oil plate and shell heat exchanger, food grade heat transfer equipment design and manufacture
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Recently a customer came to us and said he needed a vegetable oil plate and shell heat exchanger. After carefully analyzing the customer's heat transfer condition, we provided a detailed selection and quotation plan for the customer, who was very satisfied. Heat exchangers are commonly used in the food industry, and can also be seen in the extraction and manufacturing of vegetable oils.

The three main production processes for vegetable oils are, drying, frying, and filtering. The frying process increases the yield and quality of the oil, the frying process is carried out in oil presses, and finally the filtering process is carried out to filter and purify the oil. The heat exchanger is present in the cooling process after the extraction of the vegetable oil.

M15B alfa laval heat exchanger (3)

The cooling of vegetable oil is inseparable from the heat exchanger equipment, and sometimes the temperature is too high for the plate heat exchanger to be used. Vegetable oil plate heat exchanger can be made into all stainless steel type, food grade equipment coupled with efficient heat transfer efficiency will of course be the first choice for vegetable oil extraction. In addition, the plate sheet adopts corrugated shape, scientific design, high turbulence, and the internal medium is not easy to block. The footprint is small and compact. The safety performance is also high.

Qingdao Ruipute's heat exchange equipment is widely used in the processing of vegetable oil, such as palm oil. The main process is in heating and cooling. One side is the vegetable oil and the other side can use the circulating water. After cooling the vegetable oil, the temperature of the circulating water rises and hot water can be used for heating or bathing, which is flexible.

Vegetable oil plate and shell heat exchanger, Qingdao Ruipute adopts all stainless steel form, which can ensure clean, clean and hygienic production process. At the same time, it provides good heat transfer effect. If your workshop happens to be lacking a similar food-grade equipment, please contact us, you will surely be satisfied.

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