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The advantages of GEA NT series plate heat exchanger

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The advantages of GEA NT series plate heat exchanger
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Heat exchanger has a variety of brands, among which GEA is the most popular heat exchanger, GEA heat exchanger model series: VT series, NT series, LWC series, FA series and so on.

Among them, NT series, each aperture has a variety of plates with different length-width ratios, which can meet the requirements of various working conditions of the medium.

GEA plate heat exchanger

New NT series products, can self - positioning heat exchange plate, self - positioning system, assembly skills greatly reduced requirements.In the process of maintenance, it avoids leakage caused by sliding plate and dislocation caused by non-maintenance plate being operated by professional production personnel, which greatly reduces the skill requirements for assembly of NT series products. The use of plate group is stable, alignment is more accurate, and the service life of the gasket located directly above each other is extended.

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