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Understand the condensate heat recovery plate heat exchanger

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Understand the condensate heat recovery plate heat exchanger
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Now everyone can often hear the word environmental protection in our lives. This is a hot topic for us now. Environmental protection has brought a lot of convenience to our lives. It saves us a lot of resources. Condensate may be generated in many places in our lives. Under normal circumstances, this condensate is wasted. In fact, all the condensed water can be recycled. The recovered condensate is also very useful. At present, large-scale industrial park heating companies in order to seize the heat market, consolidate business relationships and chemical plants, chemical plants are usually in need of condensate water recycling, using the function condensate heat recovery plate heat exchanger heat transfer with the heat Because heating is a common way of recycling at present.

condensate heat recovery plate heat exchanger

One of the advantages of using steam condensate for preheat recovery is that the plate heat exchanger prevents steam or steam condensate from contacting the heated medium, thereby ensuring the purity of the heated medium, and the heat source of the system is used by the thermal power plant. Exhaust waste gas, so the heat source is relatively cheap. In the process of using this system, condensate heat recovery plate heat exchanger plates generally use SS316. In addition, if low-pressure steam or high-temperature condensate is used, the primary side temperature is higher, and the rubber strip material is generally HEPDM. , But if the secondary side (heated side) medium is a special medium, the material of the rubber strip should be selected according to the characteristics of the secondary side medium.

Condensate heat recovery plate heat exchangers have been widely used in various industrial fields such as chemical plants and food plants, and their low-cost heat sources are favored by users. For the plate heat exchangers used in it, Qingdao RPT has many years of experience in this area ofdesign, and adopts professional customized services. Welcome your consultation.

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