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What is the new plate and shell heat exchanger?

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What is the new plate and shell heat exchanger?
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Qingdao Ruipute Heat Exchange Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a new type of plate and shell heat exchanger patent, the original design of this equipment is to solve the many shortcomings of the traditional heat exchanger equipment, to comply with the development of the times on the heat transfer equipment put forward by the new situation, new requirements.

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The new plate and shell type heat exchanger is mainly "new" in the following aspects.


1. new in an area of small, high space utilization. Traditional heat exchanger volume is generally large, covers a large area, some places are also faced with limited space is not the side of the installation of the problem, the new plate shell type The compact size and small footprint of the heat exchanger makes full use of the space, even in the smallest of places.


2. new in the heat transfer efficiency of improvement. The heat transfer efficiency of traditional heat exchanger is generally low, which is related to the backward heat transfer technology. Heat exchange, heat transfer efficiency is three times more than the traditional heat transfer equipment, to achieve the incomparable efficiency of traditional equipment, not only that, heat exchange It works fine. 3.


3. new in the takeover form of a variety of, the use of a wide range of. This point is the traditional heat transfer equipment does not have the characteristics of the new plate and shell type heat exchanger tube form a variety of, can in many cases Designed for use in power plants, smelters, petrochemicals and natural gas, beer and beverage plants, pharmaceuticals, and more.


4. new in the resistance to high and low temperature, high pressure characteristics, the traditional plate heat exchanger can achieve such heat transfer efficiency because of the internal gaskets Features can not be used in temperatures over 200 ° C, not to mention 400 or 500 degrees on the operating conditions, in addition, there are low-temperature The conditions of use, these are all new features that push the envelope and new features are on display.


The new features of the new plate and shell heat exchanger are far from these, because with the improvement of heat transfer technology, heat transfer equipment is also inevitably evolved, but of course, at present, it is still very popular, very widely used equipment.

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