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Where is the wide gap better than the tube type heat exchanger?

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Where is the wide gap better than the tube type heat exchanger?
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Wide flow plate heat exchanger, also called free gap plate heat exchanger, plate groove depth, usually design plate gap is bigger, is a specially designed for medium containing fiber and solid material, in general use in containing fruit or fruit juice beverage fibre, paper making wastewater, the operation condition of the textile industry, sugar and other high viscosity medium.

It is often compared to tube heat exchangers, because tube heat exchangers have a unique advantage in flow lanes for these conditions. But today we will talk about why Rupert only chose to do plate removable wide channel heat exchanger.

First of all, whether shell or spiral tube heat exchanger, the initial investment, high operation and maintenance costs are unwound slots, not to say that the area is also large, not easy to clean. Although it has no place where the medium can easily clog, it has a metal contact point and is easily corroded.

wide gap plate heat exchanger

Wide flow plate heat exchanger is not bad, the key is to see who is to do: Ruipute have their own production mold ability, all adopt imported raw materials, deal with the groove depth is big, the production process of plate tensile is big enough, the diluted even large plate channels without retention area, greatly reducing the dirt retention rate, not easy to have corrosion on the plates.

The heat exchange efficiency of plate heat exchanger is undoubted, and the detachable wide runner plate heat exchanger is easy to disassemble and clean in the later stage, which is also a kind of maintenance cost reduction.

In the next article we will compare the dismountable wide flow plate heat exchanger with the fully welded one to answer more customers' questions.

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