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Why should designers and software check the selection of simple HVAC heat exchanger?

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Why should designers and software check the selection of simple HVAC heat exchanger?
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Nowadays, various types of software emerge in endlessly, and almost any working condition. Input working condition parameters, and corresponding products under this software brand can be obtained. But do you know that there are a lot of type selection software written by domestic engineers, according to the version and version characteristics, there is no actual data support? Today Rupert gives you an example of a plate heat exchanger for HVAC heat transfer. For example, this customer, for HVAC, is a simple water and water heat exchange, general 304 stainless steel can be solved, but this customer came to us, hope we give a new solution: because his heat exchanger, always faster corrosion.

Generally, the heat exchange of HVAC is below 100?, so 304 should be used without any problem. Later, our experienced engineers found that the corrosion of chlorine ion is the key because this customer is close to the sea. But the titanium plate, it seems, is a bit overqualified, and the cost of the solution may not be acceptable to customers.

plate heat exchanger

Later, the relevant data was detected in Rip's lab, and our engineers directly decided that 316L could be used! In this customer's scenario, the chloride ions would not be enough to corrode the plates, would last longer, and would not cost much. Determined the material, our engineers for the customer to use the first-line brand selection software design selection; This software, with years of data support, is by no means just talking without actions.

Therefore, it is very important to have a designer team, and our designer team, supported by the data of foreign first-line brand selection software and years of working experience, is always striving for perfection, even in the HVAC plate heat exchanger working condition, only to create the highest customer experience.

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