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The material selection of mariculture plate heat exchanger is very important

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The material selection of mariculture plate heat exchanger is very important
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mariculture plate heat exchanger is one of the heat transfer equipment widely used. It has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure and small floor space.
Mariculture is common in coastal areas, but the water temperature is very high.If the water temperature fluctuates too much, the survival rate of fish fry will decrease, thus causing serious economic loss.Only by keeping the water temperature can the survival rate of fish fry be guaranteed.

mariculture plate heat exchanger
The plate heat exchanger maintains the water temperature well.If the outdoor temperature is too high in summer, the overheated water must be cooled to a temperature the fish can withstand.If the water needs to be heated in winter, the water temperature must meet the requirements for the survival and growth of fish fry.However, because seawater contains more chloride ions, it is very corrosive to stainless steel, so it is necessary to use titanium plate heat exchanger.
There are many factors to consider when choosing a heat exchanger. We use the heat exchanger selection software to select heat exchangers according to the needs of different working conditions, which effectively improves the service life of heat exchangers and meets the requirements of users.Has brought the good economic benefit to the user.

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