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For scientific selection of plate heat exchangers what important parameters need to be provided

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For scientific selection of plate heat exchangers what important parameters need to be provided
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There are many types of heat exchangers, each with a specific range of applications. A plate heat exchanger that performs well in one application may have a significant change in heat transfer and performance if switched to another application. Therefore, it is very important to make the correct plate heat exchanger selection according to the specific situation.

Plate heat exchanger selection, there are many factors to consider, including the following aspects.

1. Hot and cold media. Heat transfer medium and its physical parameters have a great impact on the selection of plate heat exchanger. Physical parameters of the heat transfer medium including viscosity, density, specific heat, thermal conductivity, etc. 2. cold side of the import and export temperature, hot side of the import and export temperature. 3. cold side of the medium and hot side of the medium required pressure drop. For the selection of plate heat exchangers with pressure drop loss requirements, the pressure loss should be checked during the design and selection. If the pressure drop exceeds the allowable range, the heat exchanger should be reselected and checked until the process requirements are met.4. Flow rate or heat exchange volume.5. Operating conditions and application areas.6. Area of application products

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If the plate heat exchanger is used in the heating industry, it can also provide the heat exchange area and the area to be used. As the local climate, temperature, heat exchange per unit area is different. Therefore, the process conditions and mechanical design requirements should be taken into account to properly select the right type of plate heat exchanger and effectively reduce process energy consumption.

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