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Advantages of plate heat exchangers/ gasketed heat exchanger/ plate and frame heat exchanger

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Advantages of plate heat exchangers/ gasketed heat exchanger/ plate and frame heat exchanger
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Plate heat exchangers are now widely used in many industries in worldwide, so do you understand the advantages of plate heat exchangers? Here is a small introduction to the advantages of plate heat exchanger.

alfa laval plate heat exchanger1. Plate heat exchanger unit automatic timing switch on/off. According to the time, date, different periods of time to achieve regular on/off control.

    2. Spare circulation pump and heat exchanger automatic timing switch. Circulating pump timed switch, circulating pump failure automatically across; main plate heat exchanger and standby plate heat exchanger timed switch, maximize the extension of the System life.

    3. Frequency and frequency conversion automatic switching. The system collects temperature and pressure signal to control the frequency conversion of circulating pump and make-up pump. It can automatically realize the frequency switch between multiple circulating pumps and multiple supply pumps, and the automatic switch between frequency and frequency.

    4. Compared with the intelligent heat exchanger unit, the plate heat exchanger unit is more simple and intuitive, user-friendly man-machine interface, easy to operate and use. By equipped with touch screen, the system will have a good man-machine interface, can display the complete system operating status, equipment status and a variety of Digital display of heat parameters and operating parameters. It can be controlled locally or networked with the central control room to facilitate remote monitoring by users.

    5. The plate heat exchanger unit has strong remote communication function. It can be wired or wirelessly connected to the host computer. Both LAN control and wireless monitoring can be realized. Fault will be sent to the administrator immediately wireless alarm signal to the mobile phone, in order to repair the system at the first time.

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