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How to choose the right heat exchanger plate, Qingdao Reapter give you detailed answers

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How to choose the right heat exchanger plate, Qingdao Reapter give you detailed answers
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The basic structure of a plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of three parts: the frame, the plate and the rubber gasket. The plates and gaskets are the most important to the heat exchanger, and the choice of plate material and production process directly affect the service life and performance of the heat exchanger. Here we will learn how to choose the rightheat exchanger plate.

Heat exchanger plate commonly used in the following main materials.

1.304 stainless steel: suitable for general media, such as common tap water, pure water, oily sewage, steam, etc.

2.316L stainless steel: can be used for well water, river water, closed loop water and other cooling water, carbonic acid, low concentration of acetic acid and caustic alkali liquid, alcohols and other solvents (concentration of less than 10%, temperature below 50 ?), but not for sulfuric acid.

3.Ti titanium: general seawater or chlorine-containing media, the effect of titanium is better, because it can generate a passivation protective film, there is a certain self-healing, so better than the general corrosion resistance of stainless steel; it can also be used in organic acids and dilute alkaline liquids below the boiling point. However, it should be noted that the titanium plate should be avoided and fluorine rubber used at the same time, because at high temperatures, fluorine ions have an accelerating effect on the titanium crevice corrosion.

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4.Hastelloy: It is more typical that the corrosion resistance to various concentrations of sulfuric acid is particularly good, and is widely used in organic acids, HF acids, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, chlorides, fluorides, etc.

When we choose the heat exchanger plate, we should choose the right material according to the different working conditions, considering both the economy and practicality. Qingdao Reapter Heat Exchanger Equipment Co., Ltd, with experienced R & D staff, can design the best selection plan according to customer needs to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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