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The selection method of the gasket material of the plate heat exchanger will help you solve the problems in the use process!

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The selection method of the gasket material of the plate heat exchanger will help you solve the problems in the use process!
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The gasket is one of the important components of the plate heat exchanger. It is mainly used to seal between the two heat exchange plates to ensure that the equipment does not leak.

There are many kinds of materials for plate heat exchanger gaskets. Different shapes and materials have different functions. Today, I will talk to you about how to choose the material of plate heat exchanger gaskets.


The material of the gasket can generally be divided into: NBR, EPDM, chloroprene rubber, fluorine rubber, etc. Plate heat exchanger gasket materials are mostly NBR and EPDM, which can be used at a temperature between -20°C and 165°C. They have greater advantages in oil, minerals, and steam engine low pH, and not only have a long service life, And the price is low.

plate heat exchanger gasket

EPDM can be used in lye, seawater, air, brine and other solutions, but not suitable for non-polar solutions or mineral oil. The temperature cannot exceed 165?, but it can be used above -30?.

Nitrile rubber can be used for lubricating oil, petroleum, fuel oil, etc., up to 140°C, and the low temperature is -10-20°C.

Generally used in detachable plate heat exchangers, when the pre-tightening force is small, it can play a good sealing role, and can reach a pressure of 2.5 MPA.


After understanding the materials, let's look at how to choose the gasket material for plate heat exchangers?


It must be checked whether there is enough toughness to avoid damage due to tightening force and pressure; it has good elasticity and flexibility, can well adapt to changes in temperature and pressure, and will not shrink at low temperatures; it will not stick to

It is easy to disassemble on the sealing surface.

It has a certain degree of flexibility and can fit the contact surface well; it has good processing performance and is easy to install; the price is reasonable and the service life is long.


The above is the relevant content of the plate heat exchanger gasket material to share with you. Qingdao RPT specializes in the development of plate heat exchangers. Plate and shell heat exchangers can help you select, design, and quote. Welcome to consult.

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