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How to quote the heating plate heat exchanger? A more economical and suitable plate heat exchanger must meet these conditions

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How to quote the heating plate heat exchanger? A more economical and suitable plate heat exchanger must meet these conditions
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Previously, the customer put forward a quotation for heating plate heat exchangers in Ripter. They have to bring a heating area of 15,000 square meters, the water supply temperature is 110?, and the heating method is floor heating. It seems that the heating area is large and the water supply temperature is very high. 
, It seems that a large area of equipment is needed for heating, but Ripter’s engineers carefully calculated according to the data given by the customer and gave a board replacement design book that can be satisfied by 10 square meters.

After receiving the selection design book, the customer was a little surprised, only 10 square meters, other manufacturers reported a lot? 
In fact, in the field of plate heat exchangers, the heat exchange effect is king. If the plate exchange of 10 square meters can achieve the heat exchange effect, there is no need for a plate exchange of 50 square meters, which saves purchase cost and floor space. 
Why not do it?

Our RPT engineers patiently explained the answers for customers. 
In fact, the heat exchanger industry is mixed, and RPT has been working hard to provide customers with more cost-effective and more durable plate heat exchangers:

1. In terms of model selection and design: engineers with nearly 20 years of experience and technology use the original selection software of Alfa Laval, GEA and other companies to calculate and select, and combine the practical experience of engineers to select the most optimal model for the working conditions 
The scheme ensures that the efficiency of the heat exchanger design is greater and the performance is more stable.

2. In terms of technical processes: the raw materials of the frame, plates, and rubber strips are all from the same supplier as Alfa Laval. The production process is in compliance with the European CE system and the American ASME quality system certification standards. It has 31 CNC precision equipment and high precision. 
415 sets of molds and a technical R&D team with 20 years of R&D experience update production technology, and have been exported abroad for 13 consecutive years.

3. In the design, manufacture and use of plate heat exchangers of special use conditions and special materials (titanium, titanium palladium, Hastelloy), we have rich experience and excellent technical level, semi-welded heat exchanger production 
The technology of laser welding and plasma welding used in the company is at the forefront of the industry and developed and manufactured the first semi-welded titanium plate evaporator in China.

heating plate heat exchanger

The plate heat exchanger produced by RPT has significantly improved heat exchange efficiency, high pressure bearing, corrosion resistance, compact structure, small size, stable operation, no leakage after 69 disassembly, long service life, and a wider range of applicable working conditions. 
The operation is more stable.

For the quotation of heating plate heat exchangers or other plate heat exchangers, RPT focuses on the greater benefits of customers. It has been continuously researching and developing for more than ten years and continuously carrying out technological innovation. It is the representative of imported quality plate heat exchangers.

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