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The heat exchanger has to be replaced after cleaning and removing the rubber gasket?

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The heat exchanger has to be replaced after cleaning and removing the rubber gasket?
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In fact, the core point of this problem is the quality of the rubber gasket. The so-called rubber gasket is used as a seal as the name suggests; the composition of the plate heat exchanger is that the plate and the plate are sealed with a rubber gasket, which can prevent
The medium leakage of the production line can play an elastic role between the plates.
When the plate heat exchanger is assembled, the rubber gasket is always clamped, and it can only be restored to its original shape when it is disassembled and cleaned. At the same time, the plate will be under pressure during the process of disassembly, assembly, pressure test, and use, causing
A certain degree of deformation.

heat exchanger rubber gasket

Understand the "inspection" of the quality of the plates and rubber gaskets when the heat exchanger is cleaned. Let's talk about the current "plate reshaping" process. After the disassembled plates are cleaned, they are placed in special processing.
In the mold, the second pressing is performed again, so that the processed plate can not only ensure the processing accuracy of the original plate, but also ensure the quality of the plate, and the use effect is the same as the new one.
Of course, there are not many heat exchanger manufacturers that can achieve the technical capability of "plate complex", and if the raw materials of the plates fail to pass, they will not be given a chance to replicate.
Therefore, in the heat exchanger cleaning process of Qingdao RPT, we must first communicate with customers. During the cleaning process, there will be plates that cannot be installed again and need to be replaced, and we usually dismantle the equipment produced by us.
Machine cleaning, if the customer cannot install the machine as it is after disassembling and cleaning, in principle, we will no longer help disassemble and clean the machine.

Qingdao RPT has been focusing on R&D and production for more than ten years. It has achieved 69 times of heat exchanger cleaning and disassembly without leakage, leaving customers with purchase costs and operating costs, and they can visit the factory.

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