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Does heating plate heat exchangers really need to be cleaned once a year?

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Does heating plate heat exchangers really need to be cleaned once a year?
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Have you found such a phenomenon, a fast heating in November, each began to look around for cleaning floor heating master, in everyone's impression, after cleaning heating home will be very warm, what is this principle?Actually this and heating heat exchanger used in heat exchanger station has a lot to do, because each floor heating temperature is stood out from the heating heat temperature spread outward, the temperature of the heating heat exchanger station generally need to reach 60-70 degrees, if the source temperature to reach, I do not need to dredge the heating pipe every year, really not necessary.Surface gloss, adhesion and scaling, conduction velocity

heating plate heat exchanger

In central heating system, heating heat exchanger station mostly choose to use a plate heat exchanger, circulating water is mainly because network for water and deep well water, hardness is larger, and the computer in the water the water temperature will produce sediment, sediment easily formed in the hot side of the scale or the circulation water suspension, which is deposited on surface of heat exchanger, the formation of secondary scale, and cause clogging fouling in heat exchanger, reasonable selection, increase the resistance of the fluid flow equipment, recovery efficiency is bigger and bigger, and consume more pump power, the cost of unnecessary waste,The plate-type heat exchanger occupies a small area. According to the actual operation of the heating and heat exchange station, the material is made of stainless steel plates with wide flow channel and deep slot, so as to extend the length of the flow channel and improve the heat exchange efficiency.

Is simple, of course, behind the actual case data support, rui put for the west coast of Qingdao above central heating project solution, actively responded to an appeal by the state environmental protection energy conservation, waste heat recovery design into the solution, 20 normal operation of heat exchanger for ten consecutive years, a new production line just on the choice of the good heat exchanger manufacturers, need a year a cleaning?No, it saves a lot of running costs.

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