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What causes a plate cooler to leak?

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What causes a plate cooler to leak?
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The plate cooler will encounter many conditions when you use it, so what should you do when you encounter a leaking plate cooler? What about the solution? The following small compilation to explain to you.

1, scale too much: in addition to water quality components, if the plate oil cooler core accumulates a large amount of scale, will make its water flow speed slow and water temperature rise, thus leading to the phenomenon of dezincification of brass will also add according to the above factors, causing the precipitation of free 00I, strongly influenced the dezincification process.

plate cooler to leak

2, cooling water quality is not good: in some areas of the use of hard water as engine cooling water, with H62 brass material made of plate type oil, the oil is not good. The cooler core, which is easily damaged by corrosion, is the result of dezincification by yellow actinides, which results in a gradual reduction of the zinc content in the surface layer of the copper-zinc alloy. This is due to the dezincification produced by the yellow actinides, which causes the zinc content of the surface layer of the copper-zinc alloy to gradually decrease under certain conditions, resulting in porosity and corrosion. brittle copper layer. During the intense dezincification process, porosity is created in individual parts of the core. The dezincification becomes more pronounced as the bicarbonate content in the cooling water increases. At the same time, the hardness of the water and the chloride of the water string, also have a greater relationship with this phenomenon.

3, cylinder gas: in the plate oil cooler, from the cylinder pad into the exhaust gas in the waterway, because it contains carbon dioxide and sulfide. Therefore, the corrosive effect on the cooler core is also high. The exhaust gases in the cylinder escape in the event of a burst, when, due to the high pressure, even if the cylinder gasket is not visibly defective, the exhaust gases are It can also escape into the cooling system. This phenomenon, for the use of lower octane gasoline, easy to produce a sudden burst of gasoline engine is difficult to avoid.

The above is the editor for you to explain the causes of plate cooler leakage, I hope it can help you, if you have other aspects you want to know, you can consult us.

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