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Plate heat exchanger pressure under high-rise central air conditioning overloaded

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Plate heat exchanger pressure under high-rise central air conditioning overloaded
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Dog days, everyone's lifeline is "air conditioning", this year the situation is particularly severe, from July 16 into the period of volts, July 18 ushered in a wide range of will, high temperature + rainfall also means the arrival of sauna days;The dehumidification and cooling of the air conditioning is particularly important, so if there is a problem with the high-rise central air conditioning at this time, even if the air conditioning is not too cooling, power failure, such usually look like "little things" will also become bigger because of the mood problems.

But in fact, we often say the home air conditioning not refrigeration, looking for professional chefs unblock and high-level central air conditioning refrigeration or not have the same effect, itself is a small air conditioning heat exchanger, and at the top of the central air conditioning is a large project, the plate heat exchanger group in thermal efficiency determines the refrigeration efficiency of the entire refrigeration system, before put made a selection of high-level central air conditioning system design scheme of the main building + the skirt building, a total construction area of 177000 ?main building has 63 floors, the configuration of office + hotel, 23, 42, 60 is equipment layer, then implement the solution is to use the plate heat exchanger heat transfer.

plate heat exchanger

Divided into primary and secondary cooling water pump system, the pump system is set to skirt around the floor level, top for secondary pump system, the two systems of refrigeration stations set in the basement floor, select high efficiency large centrifugal chiller, the senior secondary pump system, using water water heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger can solve the problem of system is practical, reliable and safe.

Take a look at this condition data, 18 w ?, 63, the summer air conditioning system running three layer pressure will only have how old, red put in front of the factory will produce heat exchanger after a crackdown on experiment, the effective stress is how many, how much is the actual pressure, will be marked on the nameplate in the heat exchanger, the professional person to do professional, reduce troubles, have the demand of the plate heat exchanger for put, easily through the dog days.

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