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What to look for when using a plate heat exchanger

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What to look for when using a plate heat exchanger
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Plate heat exchanger is now widely used in many industries in China, but some friends in the use of plate heat exchanger will encounter a lot of failure, the following editor to explain the plate heat exchanger in the use of the time to pay attention to some places.

Causes of heat exchanger gasket aging1.Before use should check whether the clamping bolt is loose, such as loose should be clamping bolt.

    2.Before starting, open all the outlet valves of the heat exchanger and close the inlet valves of the heat exchanger. After starting the pump, open the inlet valve of heat exchanger slowly to increase the flow and pressure gradually to avoid local high pressure caused by instantaneous shock. Damage to the equipment.

    3.Heat exchanger operation, in order to prevent overpressure on one side, the heat exchanger should be hot and cold medium inlet valve open at the same time, or first slowly Inject the low-pressure fluid, then slowly inject the high-pressure side of the fluid.

    4. According to the reading of the thermometer at the inlet and outlet of the heat exchanger, use the valve to control the flow of hot and cold fluid in order to achieve the required process parameters, and then slowly inject the fluid into the high pressure side. Stable operation.

    5. There should be a bleeder valve in the piping system, and the air in the equipment should be discharged after starting, to prevent the air from staying in the equipment and reduce the heat transfer. Effect.

    6 hot and cold media such as large particles of sediment or other debris should be advanced filtration, prohibit the use of sewage for hydraulic testing and operation. In case it affects the life of the heat exchanger.

    7. When the temperature difference between the two media, the first into the low-temperature medium, after the high-temperature medium, in case of downtime or power failure should be immediately switched off the high-temperature The inlet valve for the medium must be properly sealed and leakproof to avoid premature aging of the gasket at high temperatures on one side. and then turn off the low temperature medium.

The above is the editor for everyone love to explain the plate heat exchanger in the use of time need to pay attention to some places, hope to help you, if you have other aspects want to understand, you can come to consult us.

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