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Why is the plate heat exchanger in the Qingdao plant so widely used in waste heat recovery?

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Why is the plate heat exchanger in the Qingdao plant so widely used in waste heat recovery?
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With the acceleration of industrialization and increasing energy consumption, the most direct impact of this situation is environmental pollution. The uncontrolled discharge of waste water and steam also makes the country determined to vigorously control and protect the environment and carry out centralized control on enterprises with high pollution.There is a lot of waste heat in waste water and waste steam, which is very wasteful to discharge directly. How to use it has become a problem of our relationship.Waste heat recovery plate heat exchanger plays an important role in this process.

The use of plate heat exchanger to extract waste heat from waste water and steam can be used for other purposes, on the one hand, improve the efficiency of energy reuse, on the other hand, the use of heat in other places can also save money.It's the best of both worlds.However, the problem is that many manufacturers in the face of a large number of heat exchanger brands do not have a choice, I believe that we value or the high and low quality, as long as the effect is good, more money or acceptable.

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In order to meet the needs of the market and the public, Qingdao Ruiputesearch and design a special plate heat exchanger for waste heat recovery.The advantages of this equipment are that the plate material is made of stainless steel and special material, the plate shape is abundant, the thickness is varied, and the area can be adjusted. This equipment has a high degree of flexibility in design, and is suitable for any heat transfer working condition and scene.

As a member of the pursuit of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society at the national level, we actively respond to and constantly study various efficient dedicated plate-type heat exchangers for waste heat recovery, so as to contribute to environmental protection, resource conservation and contribution.In Qingdao area, or even in the whole country, if you have the need of such equipment, welcome to find us, superior quality will make you satisfied!


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