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Chemical plate heat exchanger, plate corrosion causes a brief analysis

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Chemical plate heat exchanger, plate corrosion causes a brief analysis
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Plate heat exchanger for chemical industry has been dominating the heat exchange market in the chemical industry and is widely used. With this, there are also some problems, today we will talk about the plate heat exchanger plate in what circumstances will appear the phenomenon of corrosion.

No matter what equipment, after a long period of use more or less will appear corrosion problems, which is inevitable. Chemical plate heat exchanger is mostly used for high corrosion, high temperature and high pressure conditions, if our media containing acid and alkali concentration is too high, or large pressure extrusion, or high temperature leads to high resistance above the plate, are prone to plate corrosion.

Chemical plate heat exchanger

Another situation, which can also be avoided, is the manual error. Many users put together their own equipment, put together the equipment can indeed complete the process needs, but we need to know that the framework of the chemical plate heat exchanger assembly will be completed after the existence of more gaps, so that the inside of our equipment will often be the medium "drill holes", which leads to serious localized corrosion phenomenon occurs.
    Chemical plate heat exchanger, inevitably deal with a variety of chemical agents, in addition to regular maintenance equipment, we must be careful in the choice of manufacturers. Qingdao Ripert, with 20 years of senior engineers team, in the chemical, refrigeration, food, pharmaceutical and other industries have a wealth of design and manufacturing experience, familiar with a variety of process operating conditions, the product is exported around the world, stable operation, trustworthy.

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