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The plate heat exchanger is leaking? What are the reasons for the leakage of the plate heat exchanger?

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The plate heat exchanger is leaking?  What are the reasons for the leakage of the plate heat exchanger?
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Leakage of the plate heat exchanger is one of the common failure modes of the plate heat exchanger. Once the plate heat exchanger leaks, it will not only affect the production process, but if the heat exchanger medium is a relatively special medium, it will also cause 
More serious safety accidents, such as plate heat exchangers for sulfuric acid. At the same time, according to different working conditions and different external environments, the causes of leakage are also various. Generally speaking, what are the main causes of leakage.

First of all, the newly installed plate heat exchanger leaked during debugging. This is usually caused by the loosening of the clamping bolts, because the plate heat exchanger has been bumped for a long time during transportation. If the clamping bolts are pre-tightened unevenly 

, It will cause the problem of loosening, which will lead to the change of the clamping size and leakage. Generally, for this kind of problem, call the heat exchanger designer and reinstall it under the manufacturer’s guidance.

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Secondly, leakage occurs after a long time of use, which is generally caused by aging of the rubber strip or plate corrosion. It is especially common for plate heat exchangers under high-temperature steam conditions. The sealing of the rubber strip is limited by the material of the rubber strip. 
The high temperature and high pressure working environment will cause aging, which will cause leakage. For relatively special corrosive media, it will also cause intolerance of the rubber strip or plate and leakage. Generally, this problem requires the replacement of the whole machine as soon as possible 
, And submit the working conditions to the heat exchanger design manufacturer, and use methods such as changing materials to fundamentally solve such problems.

For leakage after reinstallation after disassembly, inspection and repair, in this case, check whether the plate is deformed during the disassembly and cleaning process. If deformation occurs, replace the plate as soon as possible. In addition, check the plate corner hole or gasket at the sealing groove 
Whether there are impurities in the bottom, the presence of impurities in these sealing parts will also cause sealing problems and leakage. In this case, disassemble the heat exchanger, clean up the impurities after disassembly, and install it under the guidance of the manufacturer.

In addition, there are some reasons that can cause leakage. This requires specific analysis based on actual working conditions. With many years of design, production and manufacturing experience and a design team with rich experience, the heat exchanger produced by Qingdao RPT has strong operational stability. 
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