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How good is the coal chemical plate heat exchanger? Sealant gasket selection is the key

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How good is the coal chemical plate heat exchanger? Sealant gasket selection is the key
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As we all know, the most important part that affects the heat exchanger's temperature and pressure resistance, average service life, reliability and applicability is the plate and gasket, and the gasket is the weakest link among the main parts of the coal chemical plate heat exchanger. So, is the coal chemical plate heat exchanger good? Gasket material selection is the key.

Commonly used gaskets are mainly made of nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber. Selection, not only requires the appropriate physical properties, but also should consider its compatibility with the heat transfer fluid (i.e., corrosion resistance, swelling), the use of temperature and pressure fluctuations in the size of the use of such factors. The physical properties depend mainly on the formulation a compounding and vulcanization process, and will deteriorate with increasing use time and temperature. In normal use, the average life expectancy of continuous use is about two years under the recommended maximum use temperature of rubber rubber strips. Coal chemical industry plate heat exchanger selection gasket, because of its high temperature, oil characteristics, more recommended to use fluorine rubber, but considering the cost of optional hydrogenated nitrile rubber.

 coal chemical plate heat exchanger

In order to assess the performance of the rubber strip in actual use conditions, the rubber strip must be mounted on the product for simulation tests before leaving the factory. 

Qingdao REAPTER, has been committed to the research and development of high-quality heat exchanger rubber strips, the products are all imported raw materials, and the use of internationally renowned brands of production technology and process standards, after 13 years of formula adjustment, testing, research, production of coal chemical plate heat exchanger gasket, temperature resistance range, compression permanent deformation rate, ? tearing strength, tearing elongation and tearing strength are higher, which greatly extends the service life of the equipment.

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