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Alfa Laval's unsolved technical problem on plate heat exchanger, he did it!

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Alfa Laval's unsolved technical problem on plate heat exchanger, he did it!
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That day is a normal working day, Ruipute team of engineers received a can say they both exciting and challenging projects, about plate heat exchanger. The production line has been using Alfa Laval original titanium palladium plate evaporator, is due to the high content of chlorine ions in medium, accompanied by high temperature, corrosion and fouling phenomenon can only be made with high and the production cost of raw materials of titanium and palladium plate evaporator, but this time they want to be in the same production efficiency under the condition of the production line running cost reduced demand.

Rui put technology research and development team after receiving conditions and requirements, the analysis of working condition in detail, the system, but according to the 20 years experience of senior engineer team in special metal material used in heat exchanger technology and manufacturing process on the continuous research and development and experiment, they also know that lower costs are the most fundamental to replace titanium Titanium palladium, this not only because the price differs to ten times, but also for titanium has a more stable chemical properties, good resistance to high temperature, low temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, can guarantee the production efficiency.

However, the laser semi-welding technology of titanium is a technical problem in the heat exchanger industry. The difficulty lies in the strong chemical activity, high melting point, small hot melt amount and poor thermal conductivity of titanium at high temperature, which leads to its poor weldability, which is greatly different from the weldability of carbon steel, ordinary low alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other materials. Therefore, the titanium welding process is extremely demanding, and almost no domestic manufacturers are capable of producing semi-welded plate evaporators. Similarly, if this problem is easy to solve, Alfa Laval has already used this technology for this complex working condition.

plate heat exchanger .

With the unremitting efforts of Rupert's R&D team, the first semi-welded titanium plate evaporator in China was produced in 2019. However, the experiments carried out before production are only experiments. What has been tested by time is the real demand of customers and the final manifestation of Rupert's solutions. It has been one year since the first semi-welded titanium plate evaporator in China was shipped out of the factory gate of Ruipute and arrived at the production line. The good news has been coming from the production line all the time! This semi-welded titanium plate evaporator is as efficient as the previous Alfa Laval titanium palladium plate evaporator and has been operating without trouble!

The solutions and products of Qingdao Ruipute have been exported to European and American markets for 13 years. With a team of senior engineers with nearly 20 years of industry experience, under the premise of mature existing technologies, Qingdao Ruipute is constantly exploring new technological gaps in the industry, providing new impetus for the development and application of plate heat exchangers.

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