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China plate and shell heat exchanger manufacturers product advantage reflects

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China plate and shell heat exchanger manufacturers product advantage reflects
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There aren't many manufacturers who can make a plate and shell heat exchanger, and it can be very difficult to choose. Qingdao Ruipute can specialize in the production of this type of heat exchanger, its advantages are quite obvious. These advantages are reflected in the large-scale production workshops, large specialized production equipment, CNC machining centers, research laboratories.


1. More importantly, these advantages, in addition, are reflected in the following.


2. High-quality sheet raw materials and sheet design, stable and reliable product quality.


3. The use of the industry's high configuration of fully automated laser welding technology, good sealing performance, high quality and safety performance.


4. Able to achieve 1 ? temperature difference at the end, pressure reduction, high heat transfer efficiency.


5. Multi-process configuration, for different working conditions can find corresponding models, product adaptability is strong.


6. High corrosion resistance and a unique process design that provides a dense oxide film for stainless steel products.


7. Its compactness and small size, which does not take up space and is easy to install, can save costs such as equipment installation costs.


8. The plate surface is designed for high turbulence, which prevents fouling, regular maintenance and increased service life.


9. A variety of connection methods, can be connected in series to increase the length of heat transfer to meet different conditions and different process requirements.


10. Uniform stress distribution, with strong resistance to thermal shock and thermal vibration.


Plate and shell heat exchanger products are used in a wide range of applications, mainly related to the chemical industry, refrigeration and heating industry, pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, natural gas industry, food and beverage industry, beer industry, paper industry, electric power generation, metallurgy and the shipbuilding industry and so on.

 China plate and shell heat exchanger manufacturer

To choose a plate and shell heat exchanger that can adapt to the conditions, you need to choose a product with stable performance and long service life. Professional plate and shell heat exchanger manufacturer Qingdao Ruipute to provide you with reliable products, superior performance of heat exchanger products, so that you from now on no! Afterthought.

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