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Natural gas cooling liquefied plate and shell heat exchanger, Qingdao Ruipute preferred!

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Natural gas cooling liquefied plate and shell heat exchanger, Qingdao Ruipute preferred!
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LNG pollutes little and gives off a lot of heat. In order to better improve the collection and use of LNG, heat exchangers are often used to increase the efficiency of recycling. A natural gas cooling liquefied plate and shell heat exchanger is a suitable choice.

Natural gas cooling liquefaction plate and shell heat exchangerLiquefied natural gas is recognized as the cleanest fossil fuel in the world, so how is it really made? The natural gas produced from the gas field is first treated and purified, and then after a series of ultra-low temperature liquefaction, it is transported by LNG vessel. Plate and shell heat exchanger due to the advantages of its design, in the process of ultra-low temperature liquefaction of natural gas, has played an irreplaceable role, is no way to compare with other heat exchangers. So in the process of natural gas liquefaction, plate and shell heat exchanger relative to other heat exchangers, what are the advantages? A little guide to.

The plate and shell heat exchanger has a high degree of safety. Welded together in the bundle of plates, can resist pressure shocks and thermal shock; shell is sturdy, safe and durable, to avoid the risk of leakage and explosion; structure flexibility, can be made into detachable and non-detachable style, but also through different combinations, to adjust the number of media flow process, improve the efficiency of heat transfer, improve the utilization of energy, saving operating costs; slow fouling, long operating cycle, low maintenance costs We have a wide range of heat exchanger products.

Qingdao Ruipute focus on heat exchanger production design and manufacturing more than 10 years, can provide a variety of plate type, a variety of materials, a variety of specifications of the heat exchanger, complete models, manufacturing professional, welcome customers to buy and consult. Consult now, you can get free design scheme!

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