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Causes of swelling of plate heat exchanger gaskets

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Causes of swelling of plate heat exchanger gaskets
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Plate heat exchanger has the advantages of high heat exchange efficiency, compact and light structure, small footprint, wide application, long service life, etc. It is these advantages that make it widely used in various industries, but while having advantages, use Some problems will definitely be discovered during the process-the swelling of the plate heat exchanger gaskets is a problem that plagues many users. So what is the cause of this problem?

swelling of plate heat exchanger gaskets

1.The reason for the medium. Different materials must be used at different temperatures, different concentrations, and different media. For example, heat-conducting oil must use oil-resistant nitrile rubber strips, and water use EPDM rubber strips. Yes, if the heat transfer oil has to use EPDM rubber strips, it is inevitable that the swelling of the plate heat exchanger gaskets. Therefore, the appropriate gasket material must be selected according to the different properties of the medium. 2. The raw materials for making gaskets; everyone knows that at the very beginning of making rubber strips, rubber compounds need to be refined. There are many kinds of rubber compounds, and the content is also different. Different raw materials and different media will When a chemical reaction occurs, the production of this chemical reaction will cause the adhesive strip to deform. Therefore, how to choose a suitable adhesive strip requires the manufacturer to be familiar with the chemical reactions that occur between the raw materials and different media.

One reason for the leakage of heat exchange equipment is the swelling of plate heat exchanger gaskets. Qingdao Ruipute is a new energy-saving high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and technical services of high-efficiency energy-saving heat exchangers. We can design the most suitable heat exchange equipment for your working conditions according to your needs. If you are in need of purchasing, you are welcome to come to consult.