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Application of Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger in dairy processing industry

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Application of Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger in dairy processing industry
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As the world's largest heat exchanger manufacturer, Alfa Laval can provide heat exchanger equipment needed for various applications. With the continuous development and change of economic trend, the huge potential shown by the dairy industry has attracted many enterprises making heat exchanger, among which Alfa Laval is certainly indispensable.

In terms of the application in the dairy industry, Qingdao Ruipter has also made great achievements in technical research and development. Ruipter has the models of alfa Laval's whole series of plate heat exchangers. Our innovative technology and components that meet the hygiene standards are the key to the application in the dairy industry.We always insist on ensuring the hygienic condition of heat exchange medium, ensuring the service life of equipment and optimizing the quality of dairy production.

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High-quality products and humanized service, help grasp the opportunity for development

Under the condition of the challenges and opportunities coexist, the success will always belong to those who can grasp the opportunity of enterprise, in order to ensure the production equipment to reach the level of health standard, meet customer demand, we strive to provide the price to customers competitive equipment, reduce operating costs, maximize the research conditions and formulate the perfect solution, production in line with the European CE and American ASME quality management system of products, guarantee the quality of products.

Qingdao put has 17 industry senior engineers, 13 years studying the application of plate heat exchanger and manufacture, for any condition can make a perfect solution, if you are not bothered by the plate heat exchanger is how to choose appropriate, welcome to rui put, our engineers will work out the most suitable products for you.

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