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If you don't know how to design a plate heat exchanger, you're really behind the times!

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If you don't know how to design a plate heat exchanger, you're really behind the times!
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The design of the plate heat exchanger itself is not difficult; the challenge is to choose the right brand, model and equipment for the conditions. Our technical chief engineer has said that a slight lack of attention in this area can lead to a huge mistake. Problems that arise are irresponsible for the customer and irresponsible for yourself.

Design plate heat exchanger need to pay attention to the first point is the analysis of working conditions. Condition analysis has a simple water-water heat transfer, but also steam heat transfer, oil and water heat transfer, which are water-water condition is the simplest, the other are more complex, there are industrial production and food and beverage processing, etc., the more extensive the application, the more points to consider.

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Need to pay attention to the second point is the medium or physical properties. Because some mediums have different physical properties at different temperatures, so the analysis of physical properties is very important. If there is a mixture of media, it is even more important to pay great attention. For example, the corrosive medium sulfuric acid, at different temperatures, the physical properties are different, according to its use temperature and corrosivity graph to judge, do not blindly choose.

The third point that needs attention is to choose the right process and the right material. The process can be divided into a single process or double process, for some limited space for the place, can only use one, and a large temperature difference between the temperature can not be lowered, it is necessary to consider the use of multi-process, another choice is the choice of stainless steel material, is the choice of ordinary materials, or choose a special material are the points to consider, because before the temperature change on the corrosive effect, that is to say here.

The plate heat exchanger design is like a doctor to a patient to catch medicine, only fully grasp the condition to the right medicine. Choose Qingdao Ruipute is like choosing the right doctor, we have professional heat exchanger technology engineers here, experienced, if you are facing more severe conditions, you can come to us, to provide perfect heat transfer solutions has been our expertise. Consult now can also get free selection, hurry up to contact!

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