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Correct cleaning oil dirt plate heat exchanger

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Correct cleaning oil dirt plate heat exchanger
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Plate heat exchanger is required to be clean and free of impurities. If it is not cleaned for a long time, its heat exchange efficiency will be affected. After using for a period of time, the equipment must be cleaned in time. Generally speaking, the oil dirt on it is difficult to clean. So how should we correctly cleaning oil dirt plate heat exchanger?

cleaning oil dirt plate heat exchanger

1. Degreasing and degreasing

Oil and grease are not soluble with water in acid solution, but soluble in alkali solution. Use alkaline detergent to disperse oil. The cleaning methods of circulation, soaking, recycling and re soaking are adopted. At the same time, the inlet and outlet of cleaning agent can be exchanged for many times. The higher the temperature is, the faster the emulsifying and dispersing ability is, and the shorter the cleaning time is. During the whole cleaning process, the temperature should be controlled at 80-90 ?.

2. Complexation pickling

After alkali cleaning, the plate heat exchanger has many dead angles due to its curl flow direction. At the same time, there are oxide scale, hard scale deposited by organic matter, and carbonate scale generated by calcium and magnesium ions. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out complexing descaling cleaning. The temperature of the cleaning agent should be controlled at 50-55 ? and no more than 60 ? for 5 h. according to the detection of acid concentration, whether it reaches the end point of cleaning should be washed with water.

3. Passivation treatment

After washing with water, the plate heat exchanger should be treated with conventional passivation. 1.5% trisodium phosphate and 0.1% NaOH should be used. The temperature of passivation solution should be controlled at 80-90 ? for 16h. The passivation solution should be discharged. After washing with water, the plate heat exchanger can be put into operation.

 cleaning oil dirt plate heat exchanger, then choose the appropriate cleaning agent, generally speaking, the cleaning agent for removing oil will be better. But be sure to rinse with water when cleaning. When using, avoid oil dripping on the equipment.

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