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Industrial plate heat exchangers in niche markets

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Industrial plate heat exchangers in niche markets
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Industrial plate heat exchangers are indispensable equipment for heat exchange and heat transfer in production. The tonnage of heat exchange equipment accounts for about 20% ~ 30% of the entire process equipment. Heat exchange equipment, as an important energy-saving equipment in industrial production installations, is widely used in industrial fields, especially in petroleum, chemical, power metallurgy and other industries with high energy consumption.

Desalination process equipment is almost entirely composed of heat exchange equipment. On the other hand, industrial plate heat exchanger itself is also a large consumer of industrial energy and water. Heat exchanger equipment energy consumption accounts for 13% ~ 15% of industrial energy. China's industrial cooling water consumption accounts for about 80% of the total industrial water consumption, water withdrawal accounts for about 30% ~ 40% of the total industrial water consumption. Thermal power generation, iron and steel, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, paper, textile, non-ferrous metals, food, fermentation and other eight major industries account for about 60% of the total industrial water withdrawal in the country. Therefore, the development of energy-efficient heat exchange technology and equipment is of great significance to achieve industrial water and energy conservation.

Industrial plate heat exchangers

Petrochemical, energy, electric power, environmental protection and other industries to maintain stable growth. The demand for heat exchangers in industries such as machinery, food and medicine is still increasing. In addition, large-scale ethylene projects, large-scale construction of nuclear power plants, construction of large wind farms, large-scale construction of environmental protection projects and increasingly mature seawater desalination projects will generate huge demand for the heat exchange equipment industry.

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