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Faced with complex working conditions, precise selection is the essence of plate heat exchangers

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Faced with complex working conditions, precise selection is the essence of plate heat exchangers
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With more and more types of plate heat exchangers, the scope of application becomes wider and wider. At the same time, they are also facing various severe challenges. Acid medium?
Alkaline medium?
Or sea water resistant?

Complicated, changeable and severe and harsh operating conditions often cause serious constraints on plate heat exchangers. At this time, facing different conditions, choosing different types of heat exchangers accurately and accurately is the magic weapon for winning.

Some time ago, boss Li from the sugar factory is currently facing such a problem. According to the sugar manufacturing process design, the sugar water in a higher temperature and viscous state needs to be cooled to facilitate the coagulation of the subsequent sections.
At this time, Boss Li began to understand the plate heat exchanger from the market, but due to the special working conditions, the sugar water is viscous, and the temperature difference is large. The use of a narrow channel heat exchanger will cause the sugar water to flow slowly, easy to block and
Insufficient heat exchange, and plate heat exchangers that use ordinary runners are often powerless against large temperature differences.
In response to this situation, Qingdao RPT’s selection designer chose a wide flow channel and multi-process plate heat exchanger solution. The wide flow channel ensures that the viscous sugar water can circulate in the plate heat exchanger without being easy to deposit.
The process can ensure that the sugar water can fully exchange heat to reach the calorific value calibrated under the working conditions. In addition, for this special situation, the designer also specially designed the interface of the backwash device. If the sugar water is deposited in the flow channel, it can be
External clean water for cleaning.
Ensure that the heat exchanger can operate safely, stably and reliably in such working conditions.

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