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How to find a wide channel plate heat exchanger as GEA quality?

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How to find a wide channel plate heat exchanger as GEA quality?
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GEA group, evan as foreign famous manufacturers of plate heat exchanger, its unique wide flow channel design for plate heat exchanger has more ideal performance, wide flow plate heat exchanger has not only ordinary the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency of plate heat exchanger structure play tightly, but also has the characteristics of corrugated deep, so it is especially applicable to contain fiber viscous or heat transfer between the solid material.But how to find the quality like GEA in many domestic wide runner plate heat exchanger manufacturers?

Teach you the following a few action: 1, the company's production capability, many customers are buying wide flow plate heat exchanger, in fact, in the face of not real production factory, but many middlemen, dealers and so on, they don't have their own entity processing factory, but from a real production strength of the company to purchase equipment and then sell them, if you find a dealer is powerful factory support behind, that is lucky, on the other hand, it is conceivable that quality can be guaranteed?

GEA plate heat exchanger

2, the team of engineers, just talked about middlemen, how about the physical factory?Not all production plants have the ability to research and development design, product quality is good, the production power is on the one hand, on the other hand, related to the design of the scheme, the heat exchanger operation effect is not ideal, have nothing to do with the quality of the equipment itself, may be running scheme design is unreasonable, the subsequent use of the effect not beautiful, can have a technical team, with senior industry experience is an important factor test factory strength.

Qingdao rui put as possessing a reality of 1 square meters production workshop, equipped with two advanced laboratory, 31 sets of CNC precision equipment, an industry veteran 17 men experience team of engineers, for any condition can put forward the corresponding solutions, products comply with European CE and American ASME quality management system, know these, also worry about to find quality as GEA wide port plate heat exchanger manufacturers?

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