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Quality requirements of plate heat exchanger

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Quality requirements of plate heat exchanger
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Only when the quality of one equipment meets the relevant requirements and can keep stable for a long time, can it be regarded as a good equipment. Plate heat exchanger has a strong heat exchange function, and has high requirements in many aspects. It is the production goal to ensure the quality of plate heat exchanger. So what are the quality requirements of the equipment?

plate heat exchanger

1. The pressure level of heat exchanger is 16bar, which requires reliable sealing and long-time operation without leakage.

2. All plate heat exchangers should be able to reduce 35% and expand plates without changing the frame size.

3. According to the different flow medium, the heat exchanger plate should be provided. The plate structure of the heat exchanger must meet the requirements of smooth flow of circulating water in the welding workshop.

4. In the process of processing, it is not allowed to contain copper, bronze, aluminum, brass or silicone materials used in sealing.

5. The plate of plate heat exchanger shall use non glue embedded gasket, and the gasket material shall meet the requirements of heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It provides guarantee for the quality of plate heat exchanger.

6. The material requirements are consistent with the plate material. The meaning of "material" refers to the lower material requirements of the heat exchanger in contact with the medium. All the heat exchange is done through these sheets.

We can check whether the quality of plate heat exchanger meets the above requirements. We can produce equipment according to these requirements, and we should use them according to the requirements when using them. The heat exchange effect of the equipment meeting the above quality requirements is basically good.

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