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Application of boiler plate heat exchanger

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Application of boiler plate heat exchanger
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Boiler supporting plate heat exchanger is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchanger composed of corrugated metal plates. The thin rectangular channel between the plates to carry out heat exchange, its high heat transfer efficiency, small footprint, adaptability to the working conditions and other advantages, has become the boiler supporting the preferred heat transfer products, suitable for water, steam and domestic hot water heat exchange conditions, the reasonable and effective distribution of heat energy, improve the level of thermal management can play an important role.

In the use of hot water boiler conditions, whether high temperature hot water or low temperature hot water, must go through heat exchange to the user side, the temperature will be controlled at about 60 degrees. While cooling the centralized hot water system, it must also be able to overcome the impurities in the use of pipes, which is conducive to the protection of pipes and prolong the service life.

boiler plate heat exchanger

In the whole boiler heating system, the heat source is the boiler, the power source is the pump, the heat exchange equipment is the plate heat exchanger with the boiler, the water supply constant pressure equipment is the water supply pump, the water tank in the water treatment system to play the role of storage of softened water. In the boiler system to increase the plate heat exchanger, its function is equal to increase a feed water circulation pump, but lower than the operating cost of the pump, can reduce the user's capital costs and improve efficiency.

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