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Wide gap plate heat exchanger production custom

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Wide gap plate heat exchanger production custom
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Wide gap plate heat exchanger, as the name suggests, is a plate heat exchanger with wide plate design flow path, also known as free flow plate heat exchanger, because some working conditions may have large particles, viscous or fibrous material blocking the flow path, to solve these problems, Qingdao Ruipute Design & Manufacturing custom-made Wide gap plate heat exchanger.

 wide gap plate heat exchanger

Principle of operation.

The wide gap plate heat exchanger is specially designed for these clogging substances, the wider runner than the general plate ensures high passage rate of clogging substances, large cross-sectional area of single runner, large cross-sectional area of single runner between plates, the non-contact channel can ensure the passage of media without pressure, small pressure loss, uniform fluid distribution. It has a high heat transfer efficiency and a long service life.



Diameter of pipe

 DN65 to DN300

Optional material

 304,316,316L, etc.

Working pressure

 16 bar

Maximum temperature



Scope of application.

Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, chemicals, energy and utilities, food and beverages, mining, minerals and pigments, paper, water and waste treatment.


Shandong wide gap plate heat exchanger manufacturer Qingdao Ruipute, with high stability performance, specializing in fibrous fluids, high viscosity fluids and fluids with coarse particles, wide gap between plates, corrugated design of plates and smooth corner holes, is the best choice for your fibrous and large particle working conditions.

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