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Plate heat exchanger cleaning method of online cleaning CIP

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Plate heat exchanger cleaning method of online cleaning CIP
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As we all know, the plate heat exchanger cleaning methods are divided into two, one is split cleaning, the other is online cleaning, CIP, also called in situ cleaning. Because splitting is time-consuming and laborious and can sometimes cause unforeseen damage to equipment, we opt for online cleaning.

 clean plate heat exchanger

The benefits of online cleaning are threefold.

1  The equipment can be cleaned without disassembling it, avoiding damage during the disassembly process.


2  There is no need to arrange manpower for special dismantling and installation, which directly reduces economic costs.


3  It can be cleaned anytime and anywhere, and regular maintenance is beneficial to the service life of the plant equipment.


4  Make the stopping time for plate heat exchangers shorter, with the least possible impact on production.


The main configurations of the in-line cleaning equipment are: liquid tank, circulation pump, control box, valves, filters, trolley and piping system.


Under the guidance of energy saving, emission reduction and resource recycling policies, it is important to increase the recovery and utilization of energy, the market demand for plate heat exchangers in this excellent application is becoming greater.

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